After 50 years of experience, FAS SpA is proud to present the “Center for Safety and Environmental Management SGA Giampiero Barilati”. It is a brand new corporate sector created to satisfy always increasing needs and requests of Customers concerning work safety.

This new Center aims to convey the implementation of theoretical and practical knowledge relating to the whole safety field, in all working sectors in order to meliorate technical capacities of learners, as well through behavior’s modification.
In all most recent safety regulations a strategic role is given to training, since it guarantees an indispensable support for the proper functioning of the Company organization.

The obligation of information and training regarding safety is deemed fully satisfied only if it generates learning, that is if it is able to give birth to a new sensitiveness in workers regarding the different existing risks and, consequently, new, more aware and responsible behaviors. In many cases, in fact, the cause of an accident is a human mistake due to negligence and forgetfulness, even if not voluntary. This error does not only make more probable the happening of the event, but often even determines the conditions that allows its quick propagation.